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I gave birth to my son and would like to thank you for the acupuncture, which I know helped

Professional Qualifications

I hold a B.Sc. (Hons) in Acupuncture and a Licentiate Diploma in Acupuncture from the London College of Traditional Acupuncture. I am a member of and insured by the British Acupuncture Council and British Wheel of Yoga.

"I am so impressed by the effects acupuncture has had on my well being. I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 4 years ago. Someone recommended Helen to me and this has been the best thing I have ever tried. After a few treatments my energy levels increased, the numbness that I had in my left hand (for 4 yrs) has totally gone. I cannot recommend acupuncture enough and would happily recommend Helen to friends, family and anyone who has MS or any other conditions." MW, Chelmsford

"You've done more for me than anyone else has in all these years." LM, London
(Chronic Constipation)

"All of my symptoms have reduced and you've been brilliant with both me and my daughter." CR, London (Acne & PMT)

"After spending two years trying to become pregnant and IVF being only a couple of months away, I thought I would try a cycle of accupuncture. After 10 sessions with Helen, I am pregnant! Thanks again. EK, Harlow

"I have been treated for upper back and shoulder pain, and arthritis in two fingers for the last three months, with good results. Helen's a real pro - Chelmsford are lucky to have her." Dr GR MBBCh (Wits), Chelmsford

"Helen has done for me than I could ever have hoped for. I originally went to her for arthritic knee pain, which she nipped in the bud, but as acupuncture deals with the body as a 'whole' I was delighted with the overall feeling of well being. I had experienced chronic constipation for over twenty years and I cannot thank Helen enough for making this problem very much a thing of the past." MR, Chelmsford

"It worked - I've had a great week and wanted to tell you all about it." MD, London (Insomnia, neck, shoulder & hip pain)

"Soon after my first treatment, the thigh injury that had stopped my badminton game disappeared." JL, Chelmsford

"I first went to Helen for acupuncture when I felt my body was becoming very ‘sluggish’. After the first treatment I felt much more energetic. I have since had treatment on my back, hip and shoulder and they have all improved." KG, Chelmsford

"Having suffered severe back problems for 10 years, an unrelated medical procedure left me immobile in bed for weeks. I contacted Helen for Acupuncture and after the first treatment noticed a change in the pain.

Helen tried different techniques, which continually improved my back and noticeably, my wellbeing. My mobility has improved tenfold and if I do do more than I should, my recuperative period is now much quicker. The unpleasant effects that I was getting from menopausal hot flushes have also subsided.

Helen listens very much to what you say and treats accordingly. I can definitely recommend her services - she has worked nothing short of a miracle for me, exceeding my wildest expectations and I am greatly thankful to her."
FT, Chelmsford

"After 6 treatments I was feeling miles better. All my breathing problems had gone, wrist and fingers were hardly hurting and tension in my neck/shoulder had released. I felt much better in my well-being and much happier. After 8 treatments, I feel the underlying problems have been resolved.

I recommend Acupuncture to anyone, where other methods have failed. It also helped that Helen is a great therapist, very attentive and aware of how each client responds to treatment. Thank you Helen for getting me back on track & helping me to feel better than I have in the past couple of years!" JD, Chelmsford (Arthritis/Muscle Tension)

"I approached acupuncture sceptical but desperate. Strong painkillers were not able to deal with the pain resulting from Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and other prostate issues. From the first session Helen's professional and holistic approach won me round. Not one of the 'medical' professionals I had seen had taken such a detailed, sensitive and 'joined' up history.

The first treatment had an immediate positive impact which Helen built on over subsequent sessions. I am now free of pain and of medication and it's side effects - some of which I have been taking for 15 years. With helen's help I now feel in control - I cannot recommend acupuncture or Helen too highly." EC, Maldon

Areas of Specialism
I have a particular interest in emotional health and how it affects physical health. Also in disorders of the eye.

Personal Approach
My understanding and experience of both Acupuncture and Yoga complement one another and yoga stretches, breathing, relaxation techniques are often recommended alongside treatment. Since Acupuncture recognises the importance of "whole person" healing, you and I will work together to ensure the best approach for you.

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